Seeking insight into critical strategic questions, private equity firms contact The Elliot Group when they need market knowledge that unlocks genuine value and return on investment. We are adaptive partners, working closely with owners to explore investment opportunities and gauge risk. We help equity and financial institutions make smart decisions that realize growth in their investments. With many of our colleagues coming from the financial arena, and a company-wide history of operational expertise, we have the practical experience needed to protect an equity group’s investment.

Our Elliot Advantage team is made up of industry veterans, offering extensive insight across several markets, with particular strength in foodservice, hospitality, and retail ventures. With their guidance, we conduct deep-dive analysis, finding and prioritizing areas for operational improvement. Clients retain Advantage for both due diligence and to help bring transformation after an acquisition.

Beyond consulting, Elliot Associates’ industry-leading talent network helps private equity clients fill strategic leadership positions and drive transformations. Our holistic offering of services allows private equity clients to explore, adapt and grow businesses with flexibility and efficiency.

Delivering the highest caliber of service to our clients is paramount to us. When private equity clients come to Elliot, they tap into one of the world’s strongest consulting and talent acquisition teams and form a lasting partnership dedicated to their success.