Dining and hospitality has seen tremendous change over the last thirty years, developing into a trillion-dollar industry. Yet, the fundamentals of dining and hospitality have not changed: Businesses still flourish by creating a superior experience for guests. Beneath the surface, however, the industry has seen massive shifts, each of which has demanded agility and constant innovation to navigate. Even in the last ten years, for example:  

  • New business models, from food trucks to fast-casual chains, have emerged alongside established restaurants and hotels  
  • Multinational lifestyle brands have blurred the lines between what consumers eat and how they live  
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients have become a selling point – if not an imperative – for countless brands and restaurants  
  • The craft revolution has reinvigorated the public’s passion for small batch, locally-sourced dining 
  • Quick-service restaurants have broadened their menus to include fresher, healthier choices  
  • Technology has impacted every aspect of the supply chain from sourcing, to operation, to customer service 
  • The public’s desire to eat more prepared food has created a historic demand for on-line ordering and delivery  
  • Technology has streamlined and simplified the booking process for hotels and resorts worldwide, giving rise to new competitors
  • Social media has transformed how consumers choose, relate to, review, and promote the places where they eat and stay 

With each business evolution, The Elliot Group has listened and adapted our methods accordingly, remaining relevant in an ever-changing industry and keeping on the forefront of critical trends.  

In no small part, our reputation in executive search and business consulting is based on our deep roots within the foodservice and hospitality industry. Our search consultants bring over 250 years of real world operating and human resources experience with hospitality companies including Brinker International, Darden Restaurants, Hilton Hotels, Hillstone Restaurants, Raising Canes, Craftworks, Einstein Noah’s, and IHOP. 

We are proud to see our restaurant, hospitality and foodservice professionals thrive in this growing industry, and take great pride in the role we play in their success.