The Elliot Group was created in the spirit of emphasizing the value of human capital and adding strategic value to growing and established companies. Since its inception, The Elliot Group has always stayed true to its original mission of changing lives, businesses and industries by seeking the right executive for the right opportunity.


The company was founded by Alice Elliot in 1983 with a unique approach of identifying talent with a high touch relationship based methodology. Recognizing the indelible impact the service sector had on the economy, the implications of growth in the hospitality arena, and the void of leadership and training in the workforce, Alice assembled a team of executives with hospitality and retail management experience who shared her vision and had an intimate understanding of their clients’ needs. By meeting and exceeding client expectations, The Elliot Group quickly became sought out for their expertise with the growth of the practice through client recommendations and referrals.


The foundation of The Elliot Group was built upon talent acquisition and management in the foodservice and hospitality industry. Through the years, the organization has evolved to encompass retail, travel and leisure, lifestyle and the consumer sectors. Additionally, Alice and her colleagues have also been working with Boards of Directors and financial sponsors as they anticipated corporate expansion and changing industry trends.


To meet the ever-changing needs of their clients, the company has expanded its services to include executive search as Elliot Associates; consulting practice as Elliot Advantage; and strategic media and events as Elliot Productions.


Staying true to the original Elliot Mission of “changing lives,” Elliot Advantage, our consulting division, was developed to help “change companies.”

Through working with management, the Elliot Advantage team helps implement real solutions to real problems and challenges facing the hospitality industry. Elliot Advantage works as partners with our clients to develop programs and plans based on the most current industry solutions that deliver measurable improvement.  Additionally, Elliot Advantage works synergistically with Elliot Associates to ensure that company’s have high performance teams with the best talent available in the industry.


Taking a deep, global view, and orchestrating progressive and educational events, The Elliot Group has a long legacy of innovation and thought leadership that quickly allowed the company to gain respect and traction within the industry. Wanting to bring like-minded leaders together, Alice created a forum where best practices were shared annually. With the advent of the Elliot Leadership Series in 1985, Alice and her colleagues explored different avenues within the human capital arena, subsequently creating original and innovative ways to help organizations reach new levels of success by bringing executive talent together to “Break Bread” and exchange new ideas and solutions.


In addition to the executive search and consulting services Elliot has so deservedly become known and respected for, Elliot Productions is a natural progression to the engagement and executive reach Elliot enjoys. Equally known for highlighting emerging and growing brands, entrepreneurs, and leaders from all industries, Elliot Productions has woven a deep thread into the consciousness and heart of the industries from which it is aligned.


The Elliot ethos of integrity, dignity and confidentiality continues to propel the organization as it has expanded its horizon and reach. Renowned for extraordinary work and ongoing progressive insight that is crisp and cutting edge, companies from all over the world seek out The Elliot Group for their innovative approach and analysis and embrace “The Elliot Experience.”

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