Rachel Kolocotronis

Search Consultant, Elliot Associates
New York

Rachel Kolocotronis, Executive Search Consultant, has recently joined Elliot Associates and is based at the company’s corporate headquarters.

Before becoming a member of Elliot’s world-class team, Rachel spent a year and a half in Rome, Italy with Clam Tours, a sophisticated travel company specializing in customized and personally curated experiences. With a goal of adding structure and a business foundation to maximize this start-up’s success, she updated the webpage, analyzed the financials, and streamlined all operating processes.

Prior to her international role, Rachel spent nearly seven years working for Hillstone Restaurant Group. Recruited while still in college, she spent a year training at one of the company’s West Coast Flagship restaurants, on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. After training, Rachel moved to the Los Altos location and implemented both a mentorship program for new hires, decreasing turnover significantly, and a customer retention program. After four years at Los Altos, she returned to the Embarcadero location as General Manager for two years where Rachel improved labor costs, while navigating California’s new labor laws, for one of the busiest restaurants in the Hillstone portfolio.

Rachel has a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Institutional Management from Penn State University. A world traveler from a young age, as an adult Rachel has combined this with her love of food, picking destinations based on their restaurants.

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