Alice Elliot, Founder & CEO of The Elliot Group, was featured in Franchise Times after speaking on a panel at the 2018 Restaurant Finance & Development Conference. Elliot shared her insight and thought leadership on private equity, technology, the millennial generation, and more.

Anyone who’s bearish on the restaurant business or down on private equity investors might take heart from consultant Alice Elliot, founder of The Elliot Group and an optimistic speaker at the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference yesterday. 

About private equity investors: “I think private equity gets a bad rap,” she said. “It all comes down to the group. We have seen some groups that have taken a short-term growth” approach. “But what you get typically is groups of people that really want to grow iconic brands. They really want to build long-term. They really do care, and they do have the courage to make the changes when they have to.”

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It’s very, very, very hard to find a leader who’s courageous.
Alice Elliot, Founder & CEO