Megan Wolfe, Events Coordinator, joined Elliot Productions in 2016. Prior to Elliot Productions, Megan served as a Senior Creative Recruiter for Adecco NYC and Noor, Inc. where her passion for marketing, recruitment, and event planning drove her to a new career path with Elliot Productions. As the team’s Events Coordinator, Megan focuses on coordinating both large and small Elliot events, including, BIZMIX, Elliot’s Underground Foodie Adventure, “Break Bread”, and more.

We spoke to Megan about the magic of Elliot events and the production process.

What is unique about Elliot Productions? How does Productions align with The Elliot Group’s mission?
Elliot Productions is unique with regards to the work that we do for The Elliot Group as a whole. We bring people together to “Break Bread” and help create meaningful and lasting relationships for our guests at each event. Whether those relationships are with our Elliot colleagues or with other guests, those connections are invaluable. The Elliot Group helps to change people’s lives and ultimately can help shape the way a business grows. Elliot Productions creates a platform where our mission can flourish.

There are dozens of events held across the restaurant and hospitality industries. What is unique about Elliot events?
Elliot events are unique because of the hospitality we provide. When you come to an Elliot event, you are not just a guest, but a member of our extended family. There is a feeling of intimacy at all of our events, no matter the size. Our CEO Alice Elliot takes the time to engage with each guest and strives to make each guest feel at home. The same can be said for the rest of our team and it shows when our guests leave happy and fulfilled after each event.

What is the most challenging and rewarding part of the production process?
I find the most challenging aspect of the event planning process to be managing all the moving parts that are happening behind the scenes at each event. Food, music, timing, and logistics all must be in sync for an event to really be impactful for our guests. The most rewarding part for me is seeing our guests really enjoy themselves. Ultimately, we want each guest to have the “Elliot Experience”, and when that happens I know that all the blood, sweat, and tears were truly worth it.

You have worked on many events at Elliot. Which has been the most memorable for you?
The most memorable events for me are always the ones where I have the privilege to hear some of the top leaders in the industry speak. One of my favorite events was our “Break Bread” event featuring Patrick Doyle, former CEO of Domino’s Pizza, in June 2018, where I had the pleasure to sit in on a question and answer session between Rick Federico and Patrick Doyle. Another favorite is one that we just completed, “The Krausening at COPIA”, where I also had the privilege to hear Jim Koch, creator of Samuel Adams speak about the lessons he learned over the last 35 years. It doesn’t go unnoticed how lucky I am to have had those amazing opportunities.

Why Elliot?
The culture and the people. Both are amazing and have allowed me to grow and expand in a creative direction that wouldn’t have been possible if I were not a part of the Elliot organization. I joined The Elliot Group as a recruiter and moved over to Productions a few months into my tenure. To know that both Alice and the organization have confidence in me to plan and implement Elliot events is really empowering and pushes me to do my best for the organization.

When you come to an Elliot event, you are not just a guest, but a member of our extended family.
Megan Wolfe, Events Coordinator