Tiana Phillips-Young, Search Support Coordinator, joined Elliot Associates as an Administrative Assistant in 2015 and was promoted to Support Search Coordinator position in January 2016. Based in Atlanta, Tiana is responsible for monitoring progress of administrative search assignments and taking responsibility for production of documentation.

We spoke to Tiana about her role at Elliot and her involvement in community service organizations.

Prior to joining Elliot, you led a training and process improvement team at a law firm. How have you leveraged that experience here at Elliot?
While the environment was quite different (foreclosure and bankruptcy law), the principle of training remains the same. I learned that you cannot have an expectation of excellence when the foundation was not properly built. Any organization that wants to succeed needs to invest in providing their most valuable resource (the people) with the skills needed to be successful.

You lead a productive team here at The Elliot Group who often respond to very time sensitive and challenging requests. How do you maintain a positive work environment and sustain enthusiasm?
I am strong believer in the idea that an atmosphere can dictate what you produce. I believe in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to producing not only excellent work, but excellent attitudes as well. The administrative team is one that is fostered upon team work; there are no big I’s or little you’s. There is no job too big or small for any of us to complete. I recognize that each member is an important puzzle piece to the Elliot family, and therefore every team member is valuable and his or her input is just as important as a fellow co-workers’.

In your position within administration you have a very broad vantage point into the candidates placed. What do you see as the most interesting characteristic that makes a candidate desirable?
I enjoy reading the biographies of candidates. Whereas reading the resumes of multiple candidates can cause one to lump everyone together, the bios give the reader an opportunity to discover personal character traits about the candidate. The most interesting characteristic about candidates that I deem favorable are candidates that can be flexible. Candidates whose career path may have taken a few turns, through unexpected life circumstances, however they stayed the course, and were able to achieve success whether it be a promotion or founding their own start-up company. They were willing to go for “IT,” even as the “IT” changed along the way.

Earlier this year, you took part in the Generation W Conference. What was the takeaway that impacted you most?
I had the pleasure of attending Generation W Rise and Shine Conference this past April, led by Donna Orender, the CEO and Founder of Generation W. Over 1500 women (and a few men) gathered together to be inspired and educated. Each speaker reiterated the theme of “knowing your company.” We were inspired to tap into the soul of our company, for it is the reason why the company exists. The fact that at Elliot’s core we are “Positively Changing Lives, Businesses & Industries” makes me proud to be a part of this organization.

You are involved with several community service organizations. Can you speak to an experience with one of them that had a special impact on you?
My husband and I dedicate ourselves to the idea of “we are here to serve.” From partnering with the Atlanta Food Bank and providing groceries every Wednesday to those in need, to mentorship for at-risk youth held once a month on Saturdays, I can say that the holiday programs of “Share the Love Thanksgiving Community Dinner” and our partnership with Toys for Tots provides the greatest joy. The holiday season is a time where many people can get depressed. We provide a Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings for those in Atlanta who might not have family or the means to celebrate, as well as provide toys for those who might need a little help during the Christmas season through partnership with United Way. In true Elliot fashion, team members here have helped with donating food and their time in making sure these events are successful.

Why is Elliot the right place for you?
The people here are AMAZING. I am proud to be a member of an organization that is focused on bettering the lives of individuals by finding the perfect career fit for them. I believe that Elliot is placing positive seeds in the lives of people that we encounter. Those seeds grow in the organizations that they are planted in, and the harvest is collected by the many people that they influence. I am just honored to be a part of the sowing process here at Elliot.

I believe in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to producing not only excellent work, but excellent attitudes as well.
Tiana Phillips-Young, Search Support Coordinator