For over 35 years, The Elliot Group has been placing top talent in executive positions across the restaurant, hospitality, retail, and service sectors. But what are the qualities that make one C-suite candidate stand out from the rest? A few executive recruiters from the Elliot team share the one quality they look for in every candidate.

“Drive! It doesn’t matter what a candidate’s background is; if he or she does not have the drive to get things done, they will rarely be successful. I determine this through their own personal drive (pushing themselves through challenging times or setbacks) and the ability to push others to achieve and be their best.”
Catalina Ganis, Executive Vice President

“Humility and humor are a good starting point. Candidates should also be buyers and not just sellers. They need to be able to articulate what is most important to them near term and longer term and then critically assess how the specific opportunity at hand lines up against their personal career objectives.”
Dan Searby, Senior Vice President

“From a qualification standpoint, I look for thoughtful, forward career momentum and the ability to articulate the ‘whys’ behind their career choices. Interpersonally, I look for kindness and respect. The way in which someone carries themselves throughout the interview and courting process is a strong indicator of how they will carry themselves once inside a new organization.”
Brian Schwartz, Vice President

“Emotional intelligence. I am a big believer that the best leaders are self-aware and have social skills to allow them to relate well to others.”
Wendy Schmitt, Vice President

“First of all, a history of proven results is the only true indicator of someone’s future performance and success. Measurable results provide the objective measure to determine if this person can continue to obtain extraordinary results. Over the years, in all levels of hiring, I take special attention to people who display “care” in all they do. This is particularly important in our service industries. If someone shows “care” in how they perform their jobs, how they treat others and act as role models, how they make the business better every day, is a key indicator of the type of committed people you want on your team.”
Jeff Gillett, Executive Vice President